The Collaborative Cup

The Collaborative Cup equips you with the tools and skills to differentiate between collaboration and competition, and offers insights into achieving the right balance to consistently perform at a high level.

Integrating the Collaborative Cup into your program

The Collaborative Cup is a series of activities that can be seamlessly integrated into your workshops to help teams better understand the nature, role and function of collaboration in different settings. These activities have the added benefit of energising participants and promoting learning through shared experiences.

Two-hour workshop:

  • Investigate the relationship and biases that exist between competition and collaboration
  • Activity to provide shared experience for the group and the biases for learning
  • Debrief to draw out what causes people to act in certain ways

One day workshop:

  • Series of activities, each with different themes and insights into collaborative practice
  • Application of the day-to-day workplace practice of collaboration

Ready To Take Your Organisation To The Next Level?

The Energy Wheel

Integrating the Energy Wheel into your program

Integrating the Energy Wheel into your next business forum or event program is easy. We simply weave a series of short sessions into your agenda designed to energise your participants and help them experience how to better manage their energy, stay focused and engage more consistently.

Two-hour workshop:

  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Personal rankings
  • Working with results

One day workshop:

  • Deep dive into personal results
  • Detailed look into the eight dimensions of the Energy Wheel
  • Systematic approach to action planning
  • Inclusion of energy breaks to model good practice

Still not sure how the Energy Wheel works? Watch this short video (4m30s):