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Are you here to make a bigger impact, leverage your expertise and step into more of what you’re passionate about?

The Business of Life Program

Revitalise and reimagine
the next chapter in your life
Bali 8-14 June 2024

The Business of Life Program

Bali 8-14 June 2024

Where accomplished individuals reignite their sense of purpose, develop new opportunities and recalibrate wellness to thrive in life’s next phase.

Deciding to spend more time out of business or leaving it all together doesn’t need to mean winding down, it’s taking what you’ve already achieved to make a greater impact and seeing how life gets to be even better.

Knowing it’s time for action might look something like this:

  • You’ve spent years building skills and experience and you’ve contemplated tapping into them to explore unrealised talents.

  • Your commitment, even when it meant last-minute efforts, has you yearning for a life on your terms.

  • Realigning your well-being has been on your “to-do” list for too long. It’s not about finding time; it’s about prioritising your true desires and shedding what no longer serves you.

  • While you’ve enjoyed bucket-list purchases like trips and new cars, you’re not ready to settle. You believe your existing expertise can make a deeper impact. It’s time to embrace a new phase.

  • You want to stay connected to your community, stay informed, and contribute to a more meaningful life chapter. Converting your experiences into a solid plan would infuse fresh energy into your present situation and beyond.


You hold the power to shape life’s next chapter or allow circumstances to dictate its course.

Stepping into a new chapter can be both a significant opportunity and a challenge.

The arrival of your next life stage is inevitable, this isn’t just a concept.

What matters is the quality of life it offers and that hinges on taking charge of life’s direction sooner rather than later.

This is exactly what The Business of Life program is designed to help you do.

A life of your own design becomes a tangible prospect when you give yourself the permission to set up your next chapter with what you truly want.

“Most revolutions come from the young, is it possible that the one we need now will be driven by people like you?”

Presenting the Business of Life Program

An exclusive 5-day program for people who strive to keep learning and are open to repurpose their expertise for greater meaning and impact.

This is not your typical program. In fact, it’s the program NO organisation has ever asked for.

Because this is about you.

A unique experience merging purpose, self-awareness, innovation, creativity, strategy and wellness into facilitated sessions, focused on supporting YOU to plot your next chapter with inspiration through discovery, connection and contribution.

By joining the Business of Life Program you will:

You’ll establish what good looks like, have the tools and strategies to nurture your ideas, evaluate potential obstacles and understand the practical steps to progress from the realistic perspective of where you are now.

The Business of Life Program: The Curriculum

  • Daily vitality-boosting wellness activities.
  • Locally sourced nutritious meals, crafted to help you maintain focus and fully engage.
  • Regular “Energy breaks” are woven throughout each day, all geared toward enhancing your well-being and learning.
  • Our team of 5 facilitators present four main sessions daily for five days, delivered via activity-based learning and covering:
    • Wellness and Collaboration
    • Purpose and Self-Awareness
    • Innovation, Creativity and Strategy
    • Adult Development
  • Your choice of a personalised session with the resident healer or a Balinese massage, located within a metre of the sea.

Located in East Bali, our secluded retreat will immerse you in the energy of warmth, mindfulness, inspiration, simplicity, nature, culture and wisdom of our Balinese hosts for 5 transformative days and 6 nights.

Meet your facilitators

All are vastly experienced, independently and successfully running their own enterprises, and committed to an integrated approach to learning.

The Investment

Covering 6 nights’ accommodation, 5 days of facilitated sessions, meals & drinks, healing sessions, airport transfers

$9,600 USD

Upon registration, you will be directed to our teleconferencing appointment scheduler to make a time to discuss suitability for the program and to answer any questions you may have.

To secure your place register below with a 50% deposit (fully refundable before the 1st December).

Early Bird Offer – full program payment is required by 29th November to receive a 5% discount.

Limited to 24 participants.

Personal airfares are not included.

The Bonuses

Post-program support

Two post-program sessions with the faculty as part of your learning group to help you progress the work completed in the program.

Including significant others

We invite your significant other to participate in the program to co- create life’s next phase.

Contact us for adjusted pricing

Access to Further Resources:

to provide additional support as you take charge of the next steps to bring your plan to life.

  • Entrepreneurship strategy and coaching
  • Online business coaching
  • One on one personal coaching.
  • Enneagram for personal development.
  • Music, theatre and art tutoring/ classes

I have worked with Lex for more than 15 years. During that period, he has been an outstanding colleague. I have no hesitation in ranking him in the top 2% of executive development presenters in Australia. I would go further and state that, in my experience at a number of leading business schools around the world, including Said at Oxford and the Copenhagen Business School, Lex is in the top 2% worldwide.”

Professor Phillip Yetton, AGSM


When does The Business of Life Program in Bali start?2023-10-30T15:38:01+11:00

The program begins at 1.30pm on Sunday the 9th June.

When do I need to arrive at the Bali Resort and how do I get there?2023-10-30T15:39:29+11:00

Your room will be available from 2.00pm on Saturday the 8th June 2024. A private car has been arranged from the airport to the resort and the return trip.

When will the daily sessions be?2023-10-30T15:39:52+11:00

Each day begins at 6.30am for pre-breakfast wellness sessions. Four Workshop sessions will be conducted per day and finish at 5.00pm. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day.

Is there a post program follow up?2023-10-30T15:40:19+11:00

Two x 1 hour follow-up sessions are offered via Zoom at 4 weeks and 8 weeks post-program.

Will I have individual coaching alongside the facilitated sessions?2023-10-30T15:40:39+11:00

2 coaches will be working with participants during the entire program

How do I manage discussions with my family about The Business of Life Program and my next phase plans?2023-10-30T15:41:14+11:00

We will conduct a session with the coaches prior to the program to help with the positioning of this. You will be notified via email with the details.

Can I bring my partner and do they have access to program sessions?2023-10-30T16:07:33+11:00

We strongly encourage you to do the program with your partner. Alternatively, your partner will be able to travel and stay with you – their food and drinks will not be covered in your fee, nor will they be able to attend the program sessions.

What if I can’t make it to Bali, after I have paid for the program? Do you have a refund policy?2023-10-30T16:08:08+11:00

A refund policy is available up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the program. After this no refund is guaranteed.

I’m currently reevaluating my career. Is The Business of Life Program a good fit for me?2023-10-30T16:08:47+11:00

This is the perfect time to join the program.

Are meals and drinks included in the program fee?2023-10-30T16:12:32+11:00

All meals are included and some drinks over dinner. Room service outside of these times will be at own cost.

Is my airfare included in the program investment ?2023-10-30T16:12:56+11:00

The airfare is not included and we advise you to make your own flight arrangements as soon as possible.

How much is The Business of Life Program?2023-10-30T16:13:23+11:00

The investment is $9,600USD per person

Who can I contact for a call or email with any questions before applying?2023-10-30T16:13:47+11:00

Contact Lex Dwyer the Program Director

Limited To 24 Participants

Early Bird Closes November 29th 2023

Registration closes February 7th 2024

The Business of Life Program

Revitalise and Reimagine the Next Chapter in Your Life

Bali June 8-14 2024

“You’re in a position to redefine what’s possible for you, to create it now and embrace a future where you dictate the rules.

It’s not outside of your reach

It’s not only for other people

It’s for you and up to you

Let this be the action you take to ensure your next life stage is in your hands.”

Lex Dwyer

Program Director

Contact Details:

Phone: + 61 419 345 514