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You are an accomplished individual destined to continue your impact by leveraging your expertise AND passion in your next chapter.

This isn’t where your story fades.

Discover exactly how to take your unique skills and experience to a new level.

The Business of Life Program

Transformative Life-Design Program
East Bali 8-14 June 2024

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Revitalise And Reimagine
The Next Chapter In Your Life

Having invested years building a respected career and level of excellence,  it’s likely you’re driven by the desire to make a meaningful contribution, drawing from your wealth of experience in crafting the next chapter of your life.

However, doing so without guidance could be a mistake.

This pivotal moment you’ve rightfully earned offers an opportunity where your sense of purpose is reignited, new opportunities unfold and vitality thrives amidst the freedom of the next phase.

Spending more time out of business or leaving it all together doesn’t need to mean winding down: it’s an opportunity to leverage your achievements, to shape a new narrative for your own path and also influence others.

You hold the power to design life’s next chapter rather than allowing circumstances to dictate its course.

The arrival of this next life stage is not just a concept; it’s inevitable and likely to be longer and healthier than ever before.

The crucial factor lies in the quality of life your next chapter offers and this hinges on taking charge of life’s direction sooner rather than later.

A life of your own design becomes a tangible prospect when you grant yourself the permission to set up your next chapter with what you truly desire.

This is precisely the promise of The Business of Life Program – a strategic and efficient pathway to realising these aspirations.


I have worked with Lex for more than 15 years. During that period, he has been an outstanding colleague. I have no hesitation in ranking him in the top 2% of executive development presenters in Australia. I would go further and state that, in my experience at a number of leading business schools around the world, including Said at Oxford and the Copenhagen Business School, Lex is in the top 2% worldwide.”

Professor Phillip Yetton, AGSM

Presenting the Business of Life Program

Prepare to embark on a curated, 5-day journey of transformation tailored for individuals eager to leverage their achievements as a springboard for continued growth and exploration in the next phase of life.

This isn’t your typical program. In fact, it’s the program no organisation has ever requested.

Why? Because this is all about you.

This bespoke experience harnesses the collective expertise of our world-class facilitators, seamlessly blending elements of self-awareness, strategic thinking, life purpose and personal well-being to illuminate the path toward your future endeavours.

The Business of Life Program beckons to those who dare to envision a future beyond the ordinary, inviting them to step into their full potential with amplified fulfilment and vitality, seizing the present moment as a springboard for boundless growth and realisation in the next chapter of business and life.

“Lex has a unique approach to collaboration and team working – his contribution to each year’s MBA cohort is immeasurable. There was great integration between the active learning facilitated by Lex and the team, working concepts taught by Professor Barbara Heilemann – a great teaching combination for our commencing MBA students.”

Prof Paul Collier , MBA Director, Monash University

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Meet your expert team

All highly experienced facilitators and independent enterprise owners, committed to unlocking expansive thinking and an integrated approach to learning, underpinning the curated curriculum of The Business Of Life – Transformative Life- Design Program

Lex Dwyer

Lex Dwyer Consulting – Program Director

A central focus of Lex’s professional endeavours lies in guiding leaders to establish an environment conducive to peak performance for their teams.

Lex actively engages individuals in the process of discovering solutions, emphasising a hands-on, experiential learning approach. This methodology garnered him The Excellence in Teaching Award at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW, in 2012.

He has dedicated significant efforts to fostering self-awareness, particularly regarding energy management’s impact on performance and interdepartmental collaboration.

For over 40 years, Lex has helmed Corporate Fitness Services P/L (rebranded as Lex Dwyer Consulting in 2021), a venture recognized as Small Business of the Year in 1990.

Drawing from collaborations with renowned educators and facilitators, Lex has honed a distinctive approach to his work.

Professional sport played a formative role in Lex’s life providing him with invaluable insights into competitive dynamics and strategies for success at the highest level.

Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes P/L – Life Purpose Coach

Larry is a seasoned facilitator in Life Purpose Coaching, specialising in guiding individuals on a transformative journey to uncover their unique path and purpose. With almost four decades of international experience as a corporate consultant, mentor, and educator, Larry excels in organisational change, learning, leadership, and individual/team development.

Rooted in academic studies at the University of Michigan, Larry’s multifaceted approach spans psychology, group dynamics, sociology, urban studies, and educational psychology. His expertise has been embraced by prestigious institutions worldwide, including Harvard University, Princeton University, The University of California, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Australian Academy of Science.

Underlying Larry’s work is the theme of “Practical Wisdom,” focusing on effective change management, leadership, peak performance, and teamwork within organizations. Beyond coaching, Larry channels his passion for sports psychology into Mindsports, a unique system elevating professional sports teams and individuals.

A former college basketball player, Larry possesses a rare ability to distil complex concepts into clear insights. His approach, blending humour and anecdotal stories, captivates audiences, guiding them to recognize the profound relevance these narratives hold for their lives. Join Larry on a transformative journey where purpose meets practical wisdom, and every step resonates with meaning.

Lisa Smith

Minds at Work – Mindworker

Lisa is a dedicated thinker committed to facilitating the unleashing of innate creativity within individuals, fostering a culture of innovative thinking, and empowering them to embrace alternative perspectives autonomously. Her fervour lies in cultivating environments where talent is harnessed and engaged to foster vibrant thinking communities.

With an MBA specialising in organisational change and innovation as her cornerstone, Lisa is adept at sharing the Minds at Work thinking methodologies across a diverse spectrum, including government agencies, socially responsible corporations, educators, community groups, and agricultural stakeholders. Her aim is to assist these entities in translating visionary concepts into tangible realities.

Her ethos can be summarised as follows:

“I facilitate thought processes. I adeptly dissect problems, provide tools, facilitate resource pooling, and facilitate the exchange of insights. I leverage the individual and collective talents within groups, fostering connections between ideas and individuals. My goal is to catalyse the discovery of innovative solutions to entrenched challenges.

I lend support to those driven to effect positive change. I collaborate with individuals and organisations committed to improving existing conditions. My role is to guide them in transcending current paradigms to envision and create a future aligned with their aspirations.”

Tim Laporte

Co-Founder Leadership Partners – Executive Coach

Meet Tim, a dedicated coach specialising in guiding senior executives and teams through transformative developmental experiences, fostering adept leadership. Tim excels in navigating complexity alongside senior leaders, crafting compelling narratives to inspire and unite teams.

With a strong academic background and extensive professional experience spanning diverse industries, Tim navigates organisational intricacies and tackles ambiguity effectively. Over 15 years, he held successful leadership roles in France and Australia, managing businesses specialising in acquisitions, rapid growth, and leading divisions in publicly listed companies.

As co-founder of Leadership Partners, Tim passionately serves as a trusted ‘thinking partner,’ adept at dissecting stakeholder dynamics, identifying organisational nuances, and uncovering pivotal leverage points. Renowned for situational analysis, he supports executives in cultivating self-awareness for intricate relationship navigation.

Tim’s expertise extends to advising boards, coaching senior executives and teams, and facilitating workshops to enhance organisational leadership capabilities.

Formerly Adjunct Faculty and Program Director at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) – UNSW, Tim specialized in Change Management, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership Development, High Performing Teams, Organizational Politics, Resilience, and Executive Development. As an associate facilitator at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), he designed workshops in the Leadership Series on Positive Politics in Organizations.

Currently Chairman of not-for-profit organization Prisoners’ Aid, Tim is dedicated to reducing recidivism. He also facilitates strategy and leadership workshops in the not-for-profit sector. Tim Laporte, a seasoned coach and strategic thinker, is committed to effecting enduring transformations in leaders and organizations for sustainable success.

Sandra Sieb

Co-Founder Leadership Partners – Executive Coach

Sandra Sieb is dedicated to instilling awareness, purpose, and courage within organisations to navigate today’s complexity successfully. With a background in management consulting at Booz Allen & Hamilton in New York, she honed strong strategic and project management skills. After relocating to Australia in 2005, Sandra focused on supporting senior leaders and earned her Masters of Coaching Psychology at Sydney University.

As the co-founder of Leadership Partners, Sandra integrates coaching and consulting skills to craft leadership development journeys for C-suite executives. These journeys enhance strategic thinking, emotional competencies, and trust in organisations. Serving as Adjunct Faculty for the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) – UNSW Executive Education, Sandra specialises in High Performing Teams and teaches classes at UTS.

Raised in Egypt, educated in France, and with a decade in Sydney, Sandra brings a wealth of change experience. Known for her clarity in complexity and adept handling of ambiguity, she connects with clients on a genuine level. Sandra is recognized for her analytical, structured, and pragmatic mindset, fostering trust at all levels. Her recent clients include Air Liquide, CEVA Animal Health, ICAP, Air France, and NSW Government Health.

Committed to supporting younger generations, Sandra teaches ethics in a local primary school and volunteers with not-for-profit organisations, including The Helmsman Project and the Raise Foundation, where she coaches and mentors teenagers.

An Overview of the key elements you will access in The Business of Life:

In this immersive and transformative experience, you will establish what exceptional looks like for you, guided by a team of seasoned facilitators, each bringing their expertise to deliver a comprehensive array of tools and strategies to nurture and materialise your ideas, evaluate potential obstacles and understand the practical steps to progress from the realistic perspective of where you are now to see more than you thought was possible.

Throughout the five-day experience, you will have unlimited access to individual coaching and facilitator support, seamlessly integrated into our curated daily sessions. Our five highly experienced facilitators, will be present at all times, working in unison  to provide cohesive support to our exclusive cohort of up to 24 participants.

“I have been working with Lex for over 20 years… watching him work his magic into all kinds of executive gatherings. We both believe in the power of experiential learning as a way to bring important lessons about leadership to life and he is a master. His style of facilitation and communication makes knowledge ‘stick’. He enables people to be smarter and sharper and to achieve more in the course of every business day, with more energy, not just work, but for themselves, their family and friends.”

Dr Melinda Muth, Managing Director Streamwise Learning

A sample day experience

You rise at 6.30am to the calming sea lapping at the property edge for an invigorating morning wellness session, followed by an a la carte breakfast that constitutes the tropical health-focused menu.

At 8.30am you stroll across the manicured lawn to the conference room for the first of four anchor Workshop sessions with Larry. He has a quietly compelling presence and asks simple but powerful questions about purpose, innate talents, skills and passions that open up deeper thought from each person. Answering these questions doesn’t feel easy, yet it feels ok not to know the answers immediately. Larry tells you that you will have time.

You’re not surprised to see the entire world class facilitation team in attendance at all times, it’s clear The Program is focused on immersive learning and support.

After the first energy break designed to enhance focus and concentration, you’re back in the room with Lisa for your Strategic Thinking session. Lisa offers insights into how people think and moves the focus to ‘what exceptional looks like for you in your next chapter’. It’s a big question to which you’re not sure of the answer. Lisa assures the group that her techniques will reveal the answer, that is there, it just needs to be extracted. It’s an exhilarating 90 minutes, ideas are beginning to surface.

Over an exquisite lunch, you meet with Tim and Sandra, The Program coaches. You’re aware they paid close attention in the morning session and are there to support you in the ideas presented that might require more thought from you.

You’re back for the 3rd and 4th session of the day with Lex who introduces the importance of Collaboration in The Program and playfully engages the group in their first experience of Activity Based Learning, The Collaborative Cup. You find the experience surprising and the initial resistance to “playing games” disappears as the lessons speak to how this group will work together in support of creating the next phase of your life.

This session is followed by another energy break that feels exactly the ideal energiser for the group. The segue between mental focus, physical energy and emotional connection is seamless. You are invited to wander through the peaceful grounds of the resort and decide to sit by the ocean as you take a leisurely afternoon tea.

Session 5 is led by team coaches Tim and Sandra, who focus your attention on greater self awareness and paying greater attention to your responses to the sessions; a critical part of developing your plan for the future. Their listening and coaching skills amplify what you believe you are capable of in your next phase.

You choose to indulge in your healing session before joining for pre-dinner drinks at 6pm. Discussions over dinner feel to be an equally important part of the day as you hear the meaning others have made of the experience.

The day has been invigorating, ideas are evolving, you feel indulged, nourished and supported by the tranquil energy of the serene environment and its wonderful staff, who address you by name and know your coffee order.

You head to the simple luxury of your private villa room. The waves gently rolling on the beach soothe you into the most rejuvenating sleep you can remember.

Daily Itinerary Example

The Investment

This bespoke five-day life-design experience features exceptional facilitated sessions, led by a handpicked team of five facilitators, complemented by luxurious accommodations in tranquil East Bali. Indulge in a meticulously curated menu offering traditional and continental delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, accompanied by your choice of beverages. Additionally, partake in rejuvenating mind and body healing sessions, and enjoy the convenience of private car airport transfers.

$6,400 USD

Upon registration of your interest, you’ll be directed to book a call with Lex where he will personally answer any questions, discuss your vision and determine if this is a good fit for you.

Limited to 24 participants.

Personal airfares are not included.

The Bonuses

Post-program support

Two post-program sessions with the faculty as part of your learning group to help you progress the work completed in the program.

Including significant others

We invite your significant other to participate in the program to co- create life’s next phase.

Contact us for adjusted pricing

Access to Further Resources additional to the program content:

  • Entrepreneurship strategy and coaching
  • Online business coaching
  • One on one personal coaching.
  • Enneagram for personal development.
  • Music, theatre and art tutoring/ classes

Lex Dwyer Consulting Clients


When does The Business of Life Program in Bali start?2023-10-30T15:38:01+11:00

The program begins at 1.30pm on Sunday the 9th June.

When do I need to arrive at the Bali Resort and how do I get there?2023-10-30T15:39:29+11:00

Your room will be available from 2.00pm on Saturday the 8th June 2024. A private car has been arranged from the airport to the resort and the return trip.

When will the daily sessions be?2023-10-30T15:39:52+11:00

Each day begins at 6.30am for pre-breakfast wellness sessions. Four Workshop sessions will be conducted per day and finish at 5.00pm. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day.

Is there a post program follow up?2023-10-30T15:40:19+11:00

Two x 1 hour follow-up sessions are offered via Zoom at 4 weeks and 8 weeks post-program.

Will I have individual coaching alongside the facilitated sessions?2023-10-30T15:40:39+11:00

2 coaches will be working with participants during the entire program

How do I manage discussions with my family about The Business of Life Program and my next phase plans?2023-10-30T15:41:14+11:00

We will conduct a session with the coaches prior to the program to help with the positioning of this. You will be notified via email with the details.

Can I bring my partner and do they have access to program sessions?2023-10-30T16:07:33+11:00

We strongly encourage you to do the program with your partner. Alternatively, your partner will be able to travel and stay with you – their food and drinks will not be covered in your fee, nor will they be able to attend the program sessions.

What if I can’t make it to Bali, after I have paid for the program? Do you have a refund policy?2023-10-30T16:08:08+11:00

A refund policy is available up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the program. After this no refund is guaranteed.

I’m currently reevaluating my career. Is The Business of Life Program a good fit for me?2023-10-30T16:08:47+11:00

This is the perfect time to join the program.

Are meals and drinks included in the program fee?2023-10-30T16:12:32+11:00

All meals are included and some drinks over dinner. Room service outside of these times will be at own cost.

Is my airfare included in the program investment ?2023-10-30T16:12:56+11:00

The airfare is not included and we advise you to make your own flight arrangements as soon as possible.

How much is The Business of Life Program?2024-03-14T17:25:39+11:00

The investment is $6,400 USD per person

Who can I contact for a call or email with any questions before applying?2023-10-30T16:13:47+11:00

Contact Lex Dwyer the Program Director

The Business of Life 

Transformative Life Design Program

East Bali, June 8-14, 2024

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“You’re in a position to redefine what’s possible for you, to create it now and embrace a future where you dictate the rules.

It’s not outside of your reach

It’s not only for other people

It’s for you and up to you

Let this be the action you take to ensure your next life stage is in your hands.”

Lex Dwyer

Program Director

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Phone: + 61 419 345 514