In 1982, Lex Dwyer co-founded Corporate Fitness Services to provide health and conditioning advice to athletes.

The success of his programs saw him quickly move into corporate health promotion, integrating a unique combination of health and wellness activities into the training and development strategies of organisations.


A pioneer of activity-based learning and development, with a focus on health and wellbeing, Lex’s work  is even more relevant today than when it was founded.

With organisations keen to retain their staff in an ever-changing professional landscape, and employees driven by more than just a paycheck, the continued pursuit of improvement is critical to creating sustainable corporate health.

Working with clients all over the world, the quality and focus of Lex’s approach has become the hallmark of his success. Building on this reputation for results, in 2021, Corporate Fitness Services transformed into Lex Dwyer Consulting.


Lex Dwyer Consulting is committed to making collaboration and wellness, through activity based learning,  a fundamental part of any organisation.

To achieve this, we aim to build long-term, rewarding relationships with our clients through evidence-based activities and initiatives that enhance engagement and amplify performance, both personally and professionally.

For over 35 years, Lex Dwyer (BA Rec) has worked with and observed the world’s best presenters, educators and facilitators. This experience, combined with his career as a professional athlete, means Lex understands competition and what’s required for success at the highest levels.

Awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award at the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) in 2012, Lex offers both entertainment and substance, grounded in proven processes that deliver outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.

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