With Lex Dwyer, Corporate Health Consultant & Facilitator

Why teams need an intentionally led wellness initiative that demonstrates strong commitment to them feeling valued and appreciated, inspiring connection and a desire to contribute their best.

In this free virtual masterclass event, you’ll learn…

1. Why self-awareness is the key to team improvement and how to unite the team around a common purpose & shared experience

2. How to re-ignite engagement, connection and self-driven motivation in the hybrid work environment as an alternative to performance-based incentives.

3. The persuasive method to communicate the benefits of a wellness initiative, to gain positive buy-in and participation from your team

If you lead a team or teams right now, this is a virtual event you can’t miss!

Meet your host Lex Dwyer

With over 30 year’s experience in organisational wellbeing, Lex Dwyer knows a major barrier to success is uncertainty… which is why this masterclass is so valuable.

A pioneer of activity-based learning and development, with a focus on health and wellbeing, Lex’s work is highly relevant for workplaces today. 

With organisations keen to develop and retain their staff in an ever-changing workplace, it’s essential to provide employees with strategies that strengthen connection and help them feel valued and appreciated.  Sustainable organisational health depends on it.

Working with organisations all over the world, the quality and focus of Lex’s approach is the hallmark of his success.

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