How to complete the Energy Wheel

The Energy Wheel looks specifically at eight areas that impact directly on your energy levels. It is possible to increase your capacity with a deliberate approach to managing the 8 dimensions of the Energy Wheel.

Responsibility is with you to answer each statement as honestly as possible. The higher your score, the greater you believe your energy to be. It is not your score but what you learn about yourself that counts in the end.

Behaviours are something you either do or you don’t do.  You may not agree with our questions. We ask that you keep an open mind until you have been through our facilitation process, then you can make up your own mind.

In  the following eight sections, record your responses to each statement in the columns to the left where:

3 = Always – you are in the habit of doing it. It would  be an exception if you weren’t doing it

1 = Sometimes – you are not currently in the habit of doing it, but you have been known  to

0 = Never – you do not do this at all

Please select the answer which best indicates how true the statement is for you at this time.